Hola Barcelona!!

3 continents and 36 hours of being confined in the air, we’re finally here. The 33 of us got on a bus and headed of to our hotel. We can’t say we know everyone’s names but we’re all friendly and come to accept the fact that we’re going to be together for the next 3 weeks.

The city is absolutely beautiful. It’s simple and small, yet full of culture and the architecture is gorgeous. There are hardly any cars on the street, everyone here walks or has a bike. I doubt cars would even fit on half the streets.

Mason Castilla, our hotel, is one of the coziest places. We’ve hardly been here a day and we don’t want to leave on Thursday. Every room is decorated differently with different furniture and colours.

After settling in, half of us, who had the energy, went on a small adventure walk around the city, while the other half caught up on sleep. At around 6, we gathered in the hotel lobby and went searching for a place to eat, before coming home for an early night and a good sleep.

Off to the beach today to swim in the warm Mediterranean!!!!! 😀

Melissa & Meaghan.