Hola Figueres!

Today we started our morning with a mini amazing race between the three groups to get to the main station in Barcelona (Barcelona Sants). To get there we walked a little and took a few very hot and crowded subways. After Collette and Steph’s group won by far we all got onto a regional train for a two hour trip to Figueres.

When we arrived we found a nice fast food shop to get a quick lunch then enjoyed it in the lovely sun! We then joined the enormous line to get in to Salvador Dali museum. A nice gelati helped us from melting in the sun. We came across a busker who, as we were from Australia, dedicated us a song, he sung Alleluia with his guitar for us.

When we finally got inside the building we were blown away by the amazing, surreal artwork! We wandered through the huge museum in complete awe! There was artwork in every corner of every room, and down every hallway, we couldn’t believe how he physically created so much in his lifetime!

We then cruised around the beautiful village looking in a few shops before heading back to the station for another long trip home.

Once we arrived back in Barcelona we had a browse through a few shops before grabbing a quick dinner and heading back to the hotel to meet the rest of the group. We had the opportunity to share highlights of our time in Barcelona, it was lovely to hear what the other groups have been up to.

Tomorrow we head off to Montserrat. We’re really excited to explore this 7th century Abbey which is a famous pilgrimage site. We’re also looking forward to meeting young people from Benedictine schools around the world at the IBYC.

We may not have good reception up in the mountains so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from us for a few days. We’ll post again when we can!

Meaghan and Andy

2 thoughts on “Hola Figueres!

  1. Oh my gosh guys i’m so JEALOUS!! it sounds like you guys are having an amazing time and that Spain is absolutly gorgeous!! I hope you guys are having the best ever time (i’m sure you are) and that . . . . . take lots and lots of photos!!!!! hahha Love Emmyxxxxx

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