Buenos Tardes from Montserrat!

Well, where do we begin?! Today, after a slightly later start, we left our beautiful hotel for good and took a bus to Montserrat. After taking hundreds of photos of the incredible view on the hour and half climb up the mountain, we arrived. The view was beyond anything we could’ve imagined and we were all breath taken.

After a small introduction, we made our way down to lunch and made our first International friends (from Spain!) We then split into our groups and we were free to explore. Our group decided we wanted to go further up the mountain, so we took the Furnicular (like a train) up the mountain to the top. After a little more climbing on foot we reached the highest point (that Miss Bond would let us reach). The views were truly spectacular, and we have the hundreds of photo’s to prove it, though we argue they don’t do it justice. It was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen and totally worth the climb up.
We then made our way to the Basilica, where had time to reflect on the journey we’ve made so far. The church was truly gorgeous.

After our free time, we made our way to dinner with the other pilgrims from around the world. The languages flying around the dining room were incredible and we made more friends (from Austria)!! Must admit, trying to get pass the language barrier and communicate was really tricky but I think we made sense in the end.

After an official introduction to the International Benedictine Youth Congress, where our Indigenous girls performed a dance in remembrance of the previous IBYC, we had night prayers, sung and said in different languages.
Now as we get ready for bed, we are listening to people sing in the courtyard below. All around us we can see other nationalities, flags hanging from our windows and people yelling ‘Hola’ across the hall to complete strangers. This time of our pilgrimage is going to be so memorable and we are all so open to any opportunity.

Buenos Noches from Bridget

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