Hola familia,

Well, what a day it has been! Today, after our morning mass, we sat and had breakfast with a range of nationalities. So far, I think we are up to about 10 countries: Germany, Spain, Canada, Philippines, Austria, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, England and a few others. The diversity of cultures, each with their own individual faith in God, has blown us away.
After breakfast we went to the Conference Room and listened to presentations from the other schools about the Benedictine tradition in their country, it was very interesting and very long. After a short presentation on the relationship between pilgrims, St Ignatius and Montserrat, we went and had lunch.
We then split into our Deanery groups. Each group had a wide range of nationalities and it was amazing hearing, for example, the Chileans, Brazilians and the Guatemalans have a conversation when they each speak a variation of language, originating from Spanish!

We then had the opportunity to participate in various workshops including a tour of Escalonia de Montserrat, how monks live, tai chi and Christian meditation, and leadership. As we had met past students the day before, most of us chose the tour. The school was beautiful and some students even played for us!

After Lectio Davina, run by the chileans in our deanery groups, we had free time. Most of us went down to the school hall to watch various countries play soccer, sorry, football. It was such a great atmosphere and I’m pretty sure that Chile won, despite Brazil’s best efforts.

After dinner, we went to the Abbey Church for a vigil. It was so indescribably peaceful and calming, we all loved it. We can’t explain what it felt like to be a part of the vigil, you had to be there.
It was such an amazing day. We all feel so blessed to be a part of a big catholic community, to belong to this big family, it’s beautiful.

Meaghan and Bridget

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