WYD Mass and Vigil

The extent of our disappointment over the last two days is indescribable. Excitement was rushing as we headed out Saturday night towards the Vigil, so to get so close then to have to walk away crushed us. We were thankful that at least we had a bed to go back to that night, unlike so many other pilgrims. We were determined to at least make it to the mass the next day so we left by 5 the next morning to get in the gate, to our great disappointment we were once again turned away. It was very upsetting to miss such a main event of WYD but we tried our best and there wasn’t anything else we could do. Instead we were able to spend the rest of the day sleeping, packing and hanging out together which was very enjoyable. We all shared dinner tonight as a whole group, which was really nice as we got to dress up in the new clothes we had bought and share our experiences with each other. Even though this hasn’t been the best end to our trip, there have been so many wonderful times we have had together over the last three weeks and those are the many memories that will stick with us forever.

We plan on posting once more, when we get home, so that we can each share with you our favorite memory from this pilgrimage.

We’ll see you in a few days!

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